Friday, June 24, 2011

Why should you invest regularly ?

If one want to be successful in any facet of life-One thing which is most important is - ‘Discipline'. Weather you want to be good entrepreneur, good student the discipline is must. Investment is no exception to it.

India is the country of saver and we save almost 30% of our income. This saving is one of the highest in the world.

This saving only made our nation to stand alone economically even during 'Global Melt Down'.Our Nationalized banks were able to maintain its 'Status Quo', when many other Nation's and their Banks itself gone bankrupt.

  • One that your investments gets the maximum time and hence power of compounding working best for you.
  • The other purpose regular investment solves is that it makes sure that you don’t over- spend. You must have observed that when you go to the shopping mall, many times you buy what is not planned or something which attracts there and we become an impulsive buyer. This happens only when there is an excess balance lying in bank account and then it become very easy for anyone of us to swipe the card and buy. Many a times, we buy items which are not necessary for us but just become there is Saved money with us, we tend to over-spend

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buffett says Japan quake presents buying opportunity

DAEGU, South Korea (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said on Monday that Japanese stocks were good investments after the deadly earthquake that hit the world's third-biggest economy last week.
Buffett said the quake was an "enormous blow," but should not prompt selling of Japanese stocks as it presented a "buying opportunity."
He was speaking to reporters during his second visit to South Korea to attend a ground-breaking ceremony for a factory run by a unit of an Israeli firm owned by his Berkshire hathaway Inc.
Japan 's Nikkei share average plunged the past week, hit by the country's worst earthquake on record, followed by a tsunami and nuclear crisis.
(Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin; Editing by Jonathan Hopfner)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dear Investors,

We are providing monthly 1-scrip for longterm investments where you can simply invest and forget and your investments may grow minimum double and upto 600% in the next few months.For example:- We gave Delta Corporation Ltd in March-10 @ Rs.32 and yesterday we sold the same at Rs.138/- In 8 months time,its gone to 431%-.This is how your investment will grow.We offer this type of 'multibaggers' calls to our paid clients.To provide 1-call every month you need to pay our yearly subscription.

Mail Us:- for getting our 'Power Point Presentation' which has all details about our plan/strategy.One can easily understand it. Our Email id-

In June-2010 we have done a fundemental analysis for a scrip and recommended the same 'scrip@Rs.44' to all our clients and now it is gone up almost 300%. just in 3 months.This is an opportunity in stock market,which is always open to any one who is willing to understand,invest and succeed.

The investors are really invest their money in good scrips and grow themself's rich also support many industry/business's growth indirectly.
I too aware many visitors of this site may not belief what we are talking about!!.
The reasons are,
  • The people who is already in the market is filled with many storie's and will not hear what we say...
  • The people who is new may not understand what we are talking about.

See our past performances.


We have recived few comments for this post . These comments made us to understand, How to cater better to the the real investors needs.We would like to post the same here for all visitors attention.Hoping this will throw more light unto each one .


conquertheself said...
This is a great opportunity for those who believe in systematic investment planning.Instead of jumping in with the entire investment amount you get to invest gradually over a period of time, in this case one scrip per month. I suppose One can also keep a check on the growth of the scrips invested in the preceding months and start increasing the monthly investment accordingly.It may be ideal for those who plan to invest their monthly savings over a period of time commensurate with their 'earning power'. This could prove to be ideal for those who plan to retire wealthy. I'd even stick out my neck to stay this could be the way for youngsters who want to 'retire young'.Just one question though, Do you have a plan for those who have their life savings and would like to invest with healthy returns over a period of (i) one year and (ii) over 3 years????The site looks like a website and I hope you can tell us how this was done. Great site!
November 17, 2010 6:59 PM

Hi coquertheself,

We consider your comment is one of the valid comments we have recived.We must appreciate it.

The market has such nature that beat's every one!!. It is impartial to all.We feel that is the beauty of this market.The strategy will lead one to gain better success in stock market , not just tecnicals/fundamentals alone can win all the time.

Yes, many TA's and their prediction may fail.Here in this site whatever we claim is as per our past experiences.The experince is the biggest teacher. We have learned the wisdom, how to sail smooth even in a heavy strom.

Our approach is- 'swim along with the flow'. If you look at our 'stock selection rationale' probably that give you more clarity, what exactly we have been doing. The Fundamental or Technical Analysis do fails many times, That's why we focus more on value based stocks which is currently under-valued,We do not limit with these we do study the particular product/industry life cycles.Many times we have seen many our recommended scrips exceeds our expectation and gone beyond our target price's.

We will not limit ourselves, with just giving recommendation and leave it to you.We do give systematic plan and time to time guidance for entry/exit as per the market pulse according to the individual investors. if one is diciplined enough & follow us- in 3 years time we are very much sure one can see massive return for their investment.

Our motto is 'invest small harvest big'.The investors need to have the patiance to harvest the yield.Unfortunately, we have seen many people invest today and expect return tommorow!! We are sorry, for those who expects miracles overnight. No traders can make wealth & become rich by just doing intraday trading. Infact they loose so much in brokerage and taxes.Your broker may become rich but,not you.because each buy/sell no matter what you gain or loose but they gain brokerage.

Yes,We do have plan for 'Retire Young' . We have send you the 'ppt'- regarding this to your mail id.

2.udhaykumar said...
Great presentation and quite pleasing to the eye.I request you add 'Registration' to your site mapping for those who wish to register online.Since it resembles a web site I am also missing the 'Affiliate section' on your site map. I could promote this 'instrument' you know.I sense a bi break here for those who are looking for systematic guided investment. The risk mitigation is the greatest incentive for the wary investors. Do post on the risk mitigation for the layman who wants to invest but is afraid.
November 17, 2010 7:29 PM

hi udhaykumar, thank you for reminding me so many things, that is missed out here.We have been circulating a power point presentation to the potential investors>those who shows intrest and send us request for 'PPT' (which is self explantatory about the risks involved in stock.)We will revert back instantly as we used to be online.

We are now not keen in marketting. Hence we have faith in a word of mouth references. Our matketing policy is " One satisfied coustomer will bring another 100 new coustomers in the next few years" .

karan said...
Hi Atmo,It makes very interesting reading.I was attracted by the design and was surprised its a blog.Mr. Atmo you are making very daring claims and I suppose you can match it with results.I have invested quite heavily with famous technical analysts and am waiting for growth which is not as I had expected or they had promised. I am sick and tired of their lack of results. The so called experts do not deliver on their grandiose claims.I have 5 lacs and am waiting for a correction in the market, can you help me in identifying and investing in a diverse portfolio of 30 -40 scrips and my expectation is 50% returns in 12 months, can it be done?My only request is that your proposal should have minimum risks, thats all.
November 17, 2010 8:28 PM

Hi Karan, Kindly reffer the post & reply of the 1st-comment.

Yes. you are right. Each month the scrips we recommends are from various segments/diversified.We are keen in selecting the industry.We will not recommend few industry ,which is highly risky or produce low return for investors.

It is always better to diversify the portfolio.

for e.g.- if 'IT'-industry is not doing well, the rest of the 11 scrips from other segments will take care of you investments.

Yearly net- 12 scrips we recommend to our clients are from 12 different sectors.This is one way of minimising the investors risk.Apart from these we do filters so much and choose the best stock over 5000 stocks.(Both Nse&Bse)

karan said...
Hi I forgot to add , Can you share your views on the much awaited correction Please? why don't you give us a detailed post on 'correction'

Hi karan, As per the market cycle the "correction" is due. At present the traders & investors are having fear to invest in the market as every one fear about the global correction.

On the other hand the FII's are consistently pumbing money into indian market last few months.i have heared, about 25 billions they have already invested and seems another 10 billions they propose to invest in our market.So, fundamentally our market is attractive for the long-term investors and the FII's.Buying a stock based on its value is the best.

The Greed&Fear are the two enemies of any investors.

No market will correct months together...we have seen in the past it will recover within 2-3 months time and back do square one again.In our perspective, the correction is the boon for real investors.The market is the combination of bulls & bears fight and both give plenty of opportunity for our investots to make money.

We have almost 60 + scrips on hand for investments. if correction takes place, we are prepared for bottom fishing.


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